Billy Hayes Jr. Proudly Presents Delaware’s Finest Quality Homemade Kielbasa and Catering Services

delaware provisionThank you for showing your interest in the ambiance, charm and customs preserved by Delaware Provision Co. Inc. Critically-acclaimed caterer and chef Billy Hayes, Jr. is pleased to bring new menu ideas to the Delaware region on a continued basis, and provide quality chef services to those who simply enjoy the artistry and flavor of good food.

For years, Mr. Hayes has taken pleasure in working at Delaware Provision Company, Inc. alongside his relatives, where he develops homemade Polish sausage and offers premium catering services for all kinds of events, including corporate and specialty events, weddings, showers, engagement parties, etc. Mr. Hayes has been asked by many major organizations to cater their events. Most recently he catered an event for the Delaware Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Since September of 2011, he has proudly delivered top quality food and service after having taken over his family’s business and following a tradition of excellence. He specializes in preparing new recipes, and expertly utilizes fresh ingredients from local suppliers.

As the operations manager, Mr. Hayes is pleased that Delaware Provision Company, Inc. is the highly-recommended caterer for the Wilmington River Boat—a luxury public cruise situated on the picturesque Wilmington riverfront. This and every summer, come and bask in the beautiful sights and savor the delectable flavors at Rehoboth Beach resort area, where Delaware Provision Company, Inc. will be vending its popular meats and sausages.

While being dubbed “the kielbasa king,” Mr. Hayes strives to exhibit the best in catering and sausage preparation. Experience the fine fare and culinary delights that Billy Hayes Jr. has to offer at Delaware Provision Company, Inc.

*Delaware Provision Co. Inc. has partnered up with a local Polish bakery that is known for its specialized products. Delaware Provision now offers Polish Pierogies and other specialty Polish bakery items.*

If you are interested in learning more about how you can bring some of the best flavors of Delaware to your next event, please contact Billy Hayes Jr. at Delaware Provision Company, Inc.


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